Dating in carlisle cumbria

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The keep, or great tower, is the largest and most impressive part of the castle.Together with the gatehouse, it is the earliest surviving part of the castle, although its interior has been significantly altered over the centuries, and the roof of the keep was lowered in the 16th century The first castle at Carlisle was built over part of the first Roman fort by William II (‘William Rufus’; r.1087–1100) after he defeated the local warlord Dolfin in 1092.Carlisle Castle was the seat of the Lord Warden of the West March.Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III (r.1483–5), was among the notable figures who filled the role.Carlisle’s position on the border between England and Scotland made it a vital stronghold and border defence, and also vulnerable to crises in Anglo-Scots relations.

In 1308 a residential tower, later known as Queen Mary’s Tower, was added to provide more fine accommodation.The siege of 1461 was one of the bloodiest episodes of the Wars of the Roses, the struggle for the English throne between the Houses of Lancaster and York.A combined army of Lancastrians and Scots succeeded in taking the castle from the Yorkists through the early use (in a British context) of artillery.The Scots besieged the town and castle seven times between 11.One of the most determined sieges was that in 1315 by Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, following his victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn the previous year.

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